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Happy New Year everyone!

I never planned to step away from my blog for so long. There was really no reason other than I just never took the time to sit and write. While I was away we have added two new members to our family.

Our first addition was a new puppy. He is a blue nose Pitbull just like our older dog Dozer. His name is Blue, and let’s just say I’m still adjusting to having a crazy, clumsy ball of energy running through the house.


A little over a month after getting Blue our second daughter was born. Her name is Emersyn Pride and she is a healthy, super happy baby girl. She came a week later than her due date and it just so happened to be on me and my husband’s fourth wedding anniversary. Will post more on her and the days leading up to her arrival later on.


As you can guess getting a puppy and then having a baby is definitely a challenge. It takes time, energy, and plenty of patience to adjust. Overall everyone has been getting along fairly well. Brie has stepped into her role as a great big sister. She seems to really love helping me take care of and entertain her little sister. It’s crazy that in just a few days we will have a 3 month old and a 3-year-old.

I took a long break, but am glad I finally have taken the time to open the computer and blog again.

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