My Toddlers Best Friend is a Pit Bull

Having a Pit Bull around kids is a topic that comes up often. Most likely it involves more negative comments than it should. When I met my husband he already had two pit bulls. A female named Hondo and a male named Dozer. Unfortunately, several years ago we had to put Hondo down due to cancer. She was a great dog that just loved to cuddle. Just like everyone else I’ve heard all the negative comments about pit bulls being mean and aggressive. When I met Hondo and Dozer for the first time the last thing I felt was scared. They were well behaved and loving.



When our daughter Brie was born I was not worried about her being around them. Before we brought her home from the hospital my husband took one of her swaddles for the dogs to smell. We brought her in the house in her car seat and let the dogs close enough to check her out. It didn’t take long and the dogs just carried on about their business. We were sure to always give the dogs attention and anytime visitors would come it was the rule to greet the dogs first.

As our daughter was starting to crawl and walk it was never an issue of Dozer not being gentle. Even when he wanted to play while she was on the floor he has always been aware of where she is. Now that our daughter is a toddler she spends most of the day interacting with Dozer. He lets her put a blanket over his face to play peek-a-boo, lay on him, give him hugs, and chase him around the house with her noisy toys. There have been many times when Dozer will relax in Brie’s bed and she will sit in the chair reading him books.

Just like me and probably everyone else we don’t like to be a human jungle gym 24/7. I make sure Brie is gentle with him and that Dozer gets his space from her. I’ve learned to notice the little signs that he may be needing a break from her. We have worked with Brie to always respect and be gentle towards Dozer. I’ve involved her in simple tasks to help care for him. I allow Brie to fill up his food bowl, and give him treats. All of course while being supervised by myself or my husband.

Brie & Dozer









When properly trained and supervised, a Pit Bull can be a great member of the family. The Pit Bull breed used to be known as the “nanny dog” due to its loyalty and friendliness. Sadly, you’ll come across someone who seems extra cautious or thinks poorly of him because of his breed. You shouldn’t judge an individual dog based on hearsay or stereotyping. Every dog is different. Some are great with kids and with other animals and some just aren’t. It’s all about keeping an open mind, finding, and properly training the dog that is right for you and your family.

I love seeing the day to day interaction between Brie and Dozer. I can’t wait to see how their friendship grows as she gets older.

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