My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow Review

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When I was pregnant with Brianna, I knew I wanted to breast feed her. I did a fair amount of research on breastfeeding, but other than the breast pump, I didn’t focus on any tools and accessories. I was aware many moms used the Boppy Pillow and was given one at my baby shower and figured I would just use that.

For about the first six weeks breastfeeding I switched between a regular pillow and the Boppy. They both got the job done but were not ideal in my opinion. Luckily, my husband found the My Brest Friend nursing pillow on Amazon. It was getting positive reviews so we decided to give it a try. With the first feeding using the pillow I knew it was a good buy. It was comfortable for me and Brianna seemed to enjoy it as well. My favorite part is definitely the much needed back support. My husband got to crack a few jokes when I had it on saying I resembled a vendor at a baseball game selling snacks.

What is the My Best Friend?

It is a nursing pillow that moms use to make nursing their babies easier. It has the wraparound design with an adjustable buckle strap to clip the pillow around you. The cushion is firm to keep baby from rolling and has raised spots next to each breast for baby’s head. I figure this is a given, but even though there is a buckle to keep the pillow in place it is not designed to be used standing up with baby feeding. Also has one nice sized elastic pocket around the outside. I personally didn’t use the pocket much because of needing to awkwardly lean over the feeding baby to reach it. Your baby is pretty much able to just lay there and feed which leaves you hands free.

The purchase includes the pillow insert and one slipcover. There are a variety of design options and the availability to purchase additional slipcovers. The slipcover is removable and machine washable. I did have a hard time putting the cover back on after washing. I ended up just putting a towel or blanket over top of the cover to protect from spit up or breast leaks.

When our second little girl arrives I am definitely planning on using this. I think it is a great breastfeeding product and would recommend it to other moms.


Quick overview


Purchase includes pillow insert and one slipcover (Price range $35-$45)
• Back support
• Clips together
• Adjustable clip
• Nice variety of designs
• Pocket
• Multi task
• Easy to use


• Re-fitting cover after washing
• Pocket Placement
Pricey additional slipcover (approx. $20)
• Not very portable due to its firmness

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