One Year of Breastfeeding

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Before Brianna was born it was always my plan to give breastfeeding a go as long as my milk supply was sufficient enough. Luckily within the first few weeks of her birth I had a very good amount come in. It took several feedings for both of us to adjust and figure out ideal positioning. Overall it came fairly natural and never felt strange or awkward.

I loved all the benefits that came with breastfeeding
• Bonding
• Closeness
• Nutrients
• Free and always available
• Comfort for child
• Good for mom too

I never put myself on a timeline for when I wanted to begin the weaning process. As long as Brie was getting enough, was happy and healthy, I figured we would keep going. It was challenging needing to be ready every two to three hours to feed her. It definitely takes some extra planning when we would be heading out of the house. I was given a little tool that keeps track of time between feedings, changings, and sleep/awake time. It’s called the Pocket Nanny and it really helped me to know when a feeding time was coming up.

The Pocket Nanny

The night feedings were definitely the hardest part for me. I fell asleep feeding her almost every night on the couch. It took Brianna a long while until she was sleeping through the night. Even then those full night sleeps were random.

I can’t remember exactly how far into the first year it was, but my milk supply was starting to dwindle. I tried teas, lactation cookies, pumping, and I believe a combination of those things helped allow me to continue a little longer. But like I said earlier I wasn’t going to push it if Brie was needing more.

I’d say a month or two after her first birthday I felt like we were both ready to start the weaning process. What I did was just take out one feeding and replace it with pureed foods I made with our BEABA Babycook Pro (read about that here). I would gradually take out feedings as I saw fit. What I was most surprised about was the nighttime feedings stopped before the daytime. She would still wake up at night but eventually soothe herself back to sleep without needing me.

Breastfeeding Brie definitely came with its ups and downs. I am so glad everything worked out for us so that we could have that bonding experience for as long as we did. For our next little one I also plan to breastfeed. I may also introduce pureed foods sooner, but still have plenty of time to decide. Hopefully it goes just as well, but it’s a new little person with new needs and preferences. It will also be an entire new level of multitasking for me: keeping the balance for the needs of the new baby and Brie.

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