Second Baby Checklist

When I was pregnant with Brie I was always on Pinterest, reading books, and reading other blogs on being prepared for your first baby. But now that we are expecting our second I feel like I need to make sure I’m a little more prepared around the house before we bring the baby home. I’d like to think Brie will be helpful and understanding with a new baby around, but I honestly have no idea how that will go. Now that I’m 32 weeks pregnant I wanted to create a second baby checklist for myself on what I’d like to accomplish before baby #2 makes her debut.

Pack hospital bag

My hospital bag for Brianna was pretty basic. There were some things I didn’t even touch. I thought taking a coloring book was a great idea to help pass the time and relax/distract myself. I was wrong and won’t be including one this time. Over the next few weeks I will be putting everything together to take to the hospital. Stay tuned for another post on what I decide to include.

Wash items from storage

Since we are having another girl we plan on using most of Brianna’s old clothes and of course some new ones along the way. Other things include, bibs, blankets, swaddles, car seat cover, and swing cover.

Make sure everything works

Our baby monitor is still in good working condition. Other toys like the swing and exersaucer will probably need to be wiped down and the batteries replaced. I also need to check my breast pump and make sure all the parts are clean and ready to go.

Pack bag for Brie

You never know how long your labor could last or what time of day it will happen. I plan on making sure whoever we decide to watch Brianna has everything they need. She will need a few pairs of clothes, pajamas, diapers, wipes, snacks, and probably a few books and toys.

Research double strollers

We aren’t sure if we would like a double stroller or not yet. I know there are plenty of options out there I just need to take the time and look into what could work best for us.

Have nursery ready

This is the most important task that needs to be done. We need to fix the flooring, paint, get the crib set up, and changing station ready. Not too worried about décor yet. Just wanting to get the basics ready and overtime everything will come into place.

Stock/Clean up house

Not sure how much I’ll be wanting to venture out of the house with two little ones at first. Will definitely want to have the big things like diapers, wipes, toilet paper, toothpaste, detergent, and shower essentials for both myself and kiddos.

As far as cleaning up the house goes I’m not too worried about it being absolutely spotless. That’s usually impossible anyways with a toddler. When I was pregnant with Brianna I knew I was nesting when I had the desire to clean every window inside and out, and clean the carpets. Not sure if I’ll have the energy to do all that again, but it could happen.

Find big sister gift

I’ve seen where other people will have a gift ready for the older sibling when they come see the new baby and I think it’s a great idea. Brianna is really into Moana right now so I’ll probably find her something related to that.

If you are preparing for a baby I hope you found some of this helpful. I remember the night my water broke and I was so happy I had everything packed and ready to go.

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